U.K. unveils migrant language tests, misspells ‘language’


Britain’s Home Office was left red-faced Friday after unveiling new English tests for migrants — and misspelling the word “language” in its announcement.

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday launched a £20 million ($28.5 million) language fund to help women, particularly Muslims, who arrive in Britain after getting married but struggle to speak English.

He also said women from non-EU countries who fail to pass an English language test after two and a half years in the country could face deportation, drawing criticism from Muslim groups and opposition parties.

A Home Office press release giving details of the move Thursday spoke of a “new English langauge test” and had to be corrected.

Asked if Cameron was disappointed by the mistake, his official spokeswoman told reporters: “All of us are open to mistakes at times. The prime minister is pretty confident that his team speak English competently.”

The error drew ridicule on Twitter. Broadcaster Anita Anand wrote it was “beyond parody,” while user @DaveGoddard 1971 joked, “Makes you proud to be British.”