Tokyo, Moscow to arrange Abe’s unofficial visit to Russia


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Friday that the two countries will arrange an unofficial visit to Russia by Abe prior to Putin’s proposed trip to Japan.

During telephone talks, Abe and Putin also confirmed their countries’ cooperation, including at the United Nations, in responding to North Korea’s latest nuclear test earlier this month, according to Japanese officials.

  • lushnya

    Japan needs to be faster.
    China is already planning a worldwide scandal by making everything to construct in Russia a water-pumping factory, the important is where they want to locate it – on the lake “Baikal” – the only one fresh water self-cleaning reservoir on planet Earth made from the ancient iceberg (also the deepest lake on planet and protected UNESCO object, important for humanity).
    Chinese wants to drill the bore to get water from 400 meters underground, this is the most oxygenated and cleanest water on this planet. The ecology activists and local population is very angry about it and public image on China is very spoiled today, local population thinks that China is enemy if they do such things.
    I hope Abe will convince Putin to cancel this project with China on lake “Baikal”.