Underwear-clad car owner foils theft in frigid Norway


A car thief in Norway got more than he bargained with when the owner of a vehicle he was taking, dressed only in his underwear, clung heroically to its roof in temperatures of minus 17 (about 1 F) to foil the theft.

In a scene worthy of a Hollywood movie, the 25-year-old was woken up Tuesday night by the unwelcome sound of his car’s engine starting up, police reported.

Without stopping to dress, he dashed out into the snow, grabbed a door handle and managed to clamber onto the roof, where he clung on for several kilometers as the car traveled at up to 90 kph (56 mph).

He then smashed the back window with his knee and grappled with the thief before the car slid into a safety barrier on a bridge and came to halt.

“Bruce Willis wouldn’t have managed that,” commented Jan Nesland, police chief in Randesund, a town in southern Norway where the incident took place.

“It’s not what we advise people to do but now he’s done it, it’s really an incredible story,” he told TV broadcaster TV2.

Police are questioning the thief, who was reportedly already known to the authorities for other robberies.

The car owner, whose name has been withheld, was treated at a hospital for cuts and scrapes to the knees and legs — not to mention damage from the cold.