Former JNR president Nisugi dies at 100


The death has been announced of Iwao Nisugi, the former president of the now-defunct Japanese National Railways. He died on Dec. 25 of pneumonia, at an age of 100.

Nisugi entered the Ministry of Railways in 1938 and served in a range of roles including chief of the construction bureau before becoming managing director of the state-run JNR.

After leaving the ministry in 1968, Nisugi served as vice president of Seibu Railway Co., president of Seibu Construction Co. and president of Japan Railway Construction Public Corp.

He became the ninth president of the JNR in December 1983, when the government was discussing restructuring the debt-laden JNR.

Nisugi came into conflict with then Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone over the privatization and breakup of the JNR, and was forced to resign as JNR president in June 1985. In 1987, the Japan Railways Group was created as a successor to the JNR.

Returning to Seibu Railway, he served as president for about seven years from January 1989.