Halloween revelers descend on Shibuya, urged to keep it clean

Kyodo, Staff Report

Thousands of revelers dressed up in wild costumes and wearing makeup swarmed Hachiko Square in front of Tokyo’s JR Shibuya Station on Saturday evening to celebrate Halloween.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department mobilized hundreds of riot police for the event this year.

Last year, two people were arrested. One was detained for punching a police officer while the other was taken into custody for molesting a woman.

Earlier in the day, singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu called on partygoers in the capital to keep the streets clean as a large quantity of litter was expected to result from the gathering.

“I want everyone to help keep the streets clean, using these bags (provided by the city),” the singer said in front of Tokyo Tower in Minato Ward.

The event was organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to raise awareness by handing out orange jack-o’-lantern-themed garbage bags.

“When you have fun, there will be lots of garbage,” the singer said. “I want to see people in the streets fill the bags in a kawaii (cute) way.”

The event formed part of a campaign dubbed “Halloween & Tokyo,” under the slogan of “cleanest Halloween in the world.”

The bags were handed out near stations and large road crossings in busy districts such as Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi.

During last year’s boisterous Halloween celebrations, a large quantity of litter, such as drink cans, were thrown on the ground by revelers, prompting the metropolitan government to launch this year’s campaign.

Photo gallery of Halloween Eve on the Shibuya scramble.


  • Yuki

    I wish I could be in Tokyo for Halloween… hate hate hate not being in Japan.

  • Yuki

    I wish I could be in Tokyo for Halloween… hate hate hate not being in Japan.

  • Michele Marcolin

    Why in Tokyo when it comes to happenings and crowd and be happy and party together there is always some complaint, some rule to abide, somebody to listen, something to do, hundreds of things not to do… People pay taxes: have the services prepared and ready for it! That is all! The city and every damn shop and service try to speculate and make money on it and then the same who pays to have a life as they want have also to follow police rules because the city do not want to take responsibility for what it allows. Be prepared! And collect the garbage left! The city is for the people and people pay taxes also for that: having fun!

  • Philosopher

    I love that Tokyo prepared for the Halloween mess this way. We still had fun out on the street and the mess wasn’t so bad considering the number of people who were out and about.

    The vibe yesterday was excellent and the costumes were delightful. Some were crudely funny (Tenga, anyone?); some were genuinely scary (lots of half burnt faces); but most were sweetly sexy.
    The crowds in Shibuya did get a little too intense for me so I asked a police officer for the fastest way out of there, then it only took 20 more minutes. Not too bad at all.