AIIB leader-designate Jin hopes to visit Japan in early 2016, get Tokyo on board


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President-designate Jin Liqun said Thursday he hopes to visit Japan between January and March.

At a meeting with visiting Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi, Jin, a former Chinese vice finance minister, said he hopes to win clear support from Japan, asking the country to join the Chinese-led international lender.

The session marked Jin’s first meeting with a Diet member as the president-designate. Japan decided not to participate in the bank at least for now. Its prospective founding members have totaled 57 countries.

If the AIIB works with Japan, the region will welcome this, Jin said, expressing hope to form a tie-up with the Japanese business world and appoint Japanese as bank officials.

The bank will be launched late this year and start investment as early as April.

The AIIB will focus its investments on power generation, roads, renewable energy, railroads and port facilities, the president-designate said, adding that the lender will cooperate with the Asian Development Bank.

Jin said that during his planned visit to Japan, he wants to exchange opinions with members of the government, major political parties, media organizations and companies.

It is necessary for the ADB and the AIIB to work together and complement each other, Yamaguchi said, requesting that Jin ensure that many AIIB members feel comfortable with the lender’s management.

Komeito is the Liberal Democratic Party’s partner in the ruling coalition.