Flooding swept away radiation cleanup bags in Fukushima


Bags filled with grass and soil from work to remove radioactive substances spewed by the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant were swept away in the flooding of rivers in Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, the Environment Ministry said.

A total of 82 of the bags were discovered, with 37 of them recovered Friday, though it remained unclear how many had been washed away, the ministry said.

Scores of 1,000-liter bags were used during the cleanup work, mainly to store surface soil that had been contaminated from the release at the plant, which was heavily damaged in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

  • Liars N. Fools

    The Japanese — a clean people. This is why Fukushima remains a continuing disaster, and it is unconscionable to induce people to move back.

    • Starviking

      What do you mean by “a clean people”? Shiny, sparkly?

    • coin etsy

      Clean, yes pretended to be clean. Their body is tainted with Blood from killing and raping during WWII.

  • jazzteroid

    How many people realize there was never a functional barrier between the reactor and the sea? They couldn’t have created a more volatile scenario if they tried.

    • TeeJayH

      One plant near a volcano shows they may have been trying.

  • jcbinok

    In the picture those bags full of radioactive material look like they are stacked next to the ocean almost as if hoping the waves will sweep them away. Note to Japanese architects and planners: ocean dangerous.

  • Yes, I know we have had years of warnings about the three ‘China Syndrome’ events at Fukushima and this continuing ecological disaster. And yes it is tiring hearing the negatives over and over again, but we have a minimum of the fifty years or longer of this sort of story to come.

    Seriously the nuclear industry wants to keep boiling water using one of the most complicated and dangerous strategies on the planet. Yet while in the face of serious real world challenges they have caused they fail over and over again.

    Can anyone say with certainty this technology actually works and demonstrate through independent metrics it works?

    Because from this perspective it’s a hideous lie to make money and weapons. I for one am sick and tired of the BS that it’s for baseload power and essential.

    The current metrics on wind and solar energy production as baseload production of power make a mockery of this old tired rhetoric from the nuclear sales brochures.

    It’s so bad the whole nuclear story reads like an evil ‘Fairytale’, purely created for the naive 1950s ‘Disney Generation’ who have brought into this lie.

    Emerging generations are more likely to see ‘Fusion’ up and running than safe nuclear fission.

    If it wasn’t for the nuclear arms race, this technology would never have got off the ground. Evidence of this is the mindset of ‘taking ground from the enemy at all costs’ is still the premise this whole industry runs on. Where every consideration and effect is secondary to the primary goal of ‘defeating the enemy’.

    • Nancy Rice

      Einstein said that using nuclear reactions is a “Hell of a way to boil water”! If we have time left, I think we should work on safe turbines that can be placed safely into ocean currents like the Gulf Stream to produce power.

      • Starviking

        Do you have a source for that quote?

  • joe foley

    truly pathetic

  • Brian Ford

    One dumb thing after another.This is a global disaster will require a united world and a combined effort to clean up this catastrophic mess !

    • Starviking

      And yet the sea off Daiichi is safe enough to swim in…

  • Starviking

    Note to editor, the word “irradiated” in the picture caption should be changed to “contaminated”. The contents of the bags are contaminated with radionuclides. Irradiation means that something has been exposed to radiation, and it can only make an object radioactive itself if the radiation involved was neutron radiation.

  • eltimbalino

    Time for citizens to demand all projects that pose environmental risks be covered by a pre-paid bond. Clean up costs after mining, storage of nuclear waste while still radioactive enough to cause harm etc.

  • India312

    Drill a 20,000 to 30,000 foot hole into the earth dump the bags and fill the hole with molten metal let in harden and cap with reinforced concrete. Although we also could drill a 50,000 foot hole if needed, or dump into a lava field…I wonder..just asking.

  • Paul Coleman

    ‘Scores of 1,000-liter bags were used during the cleanup work’
    I understand that thousands were used and stacked all over the prefecture, schools, community spaces, beaches etc and even the photo appears to show a at least hundreds if not thousands.

  • Starviking

    Do you have a source for Nancy’s quote?

  • Starviking

    Oh, you want me to look for the quote source? I assumed that because you had responded to my request for a quote from Nancy that you had the answer.

  • Sam Gilman

    I believe Starviking is getting at the point that Einstein never said any such thing.

    Instead, it’s a quote from an anti-nuclear journalist called Karl Grossman in a 1982 book.

    That doesn’t stop fruitloops like Helen Caldicott claiming Einstein said it, but she’s not awfully strong on good sourcing.