Japan-U.S. security alliance not fair, Donald Trump says


The Japan-U.S. alliance that obligates the United States to protect Japan is unfair, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said.

“If Japan gets attacked, we have to immediately go to their aid,” Trump said, and “if we get attacked, Japan doesn’t have to help us.”

“That’s a fair deal?” he said at a gathering in Iowa on Tuesday night.

The real estate tycoon has made many hard-line remarks about other countries. One of the reasons Trump remains a front-runner for Republican presidential nomination in the 2016 presidential election is the apparent support from conservatives who agree with his hard-line views.

Criticizing foreign countries is a hallmark of Trump’s speeches. He came under fire for referring to illegal Mexican immigrants as rapists when he announced his candidacy in June.

Japan and China are among his other targets. As an entrepreneur, Trump points to U.S. trade deficits with those countries.

Trump said that the United States, unlike China and Japan, does not have jobs, adding: “We are gonna bring back jobs from China. We are gonna bring back jobs from Japan.”

When Trump asked: “Who would you rather have negotiating against China, against Iran, against anybody: Jeb (Bush), Hillary (Clinton) or Trump?” the audience shouted, “Trump!”

In his speech in Alabama on Friday, Trump said that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is “really smart” and that U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy had been wined and dined by Abe.

“She’ll do anything they (Japan) want. Anything,” Trump said, criticizing the negotiating stance toward Japan by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Despite these remarks, few worry about their negative impact on Japan-U.S. relations since it is widely believed Trump’s recent popularity will eventually fade away.

With no immediate signs that Trump’s momentum will grind to a halt, however, his hard-line stance toward Japan may become a source of concern, depending on the course of the U.S. presidential race.

  • 99Pcent

    Well Mr Trump, you have nothing to worry about. What do you think Abe is trying to reform in relation to SDF Japan???

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      He made that statement for the benefit of his voters, who know nothing of international affairs.

  • カップス クリス

    Trump is strange at first he says he seems like he’s fighting for us then he goes to belittle each country. Hopefully he doesn’t make into office.

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      I think his un-PC nature alone may get him in. So sad.

  • Diad Wheeler

    Don’t worry… there is a ZERO CHANCE that Mr. Trump will ever occupy the White House. Zero.

    • Graeme Young

      If he does we’re probably going to have to find another planet to live on.

    • As much as I dislike the thought of this buffoon taking office, the simplicity and stupidity of the general US population never ceases to amaze me. Trump’s poll numbers are up and he is headed for the presidency… really sad. If he takes office, I will move for another country citizenship.

      • Clickonthewhatnow

        The thing is, changing citizenship doesn’t solve anything, since as POTUS, he has influence all over this ball of dirt. Big problems coming.

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      Unless you’re planning an assassination, I’d say making that claim is a bit silly.

  • Clearly lost…

  • tisho

    Trump is economically illiterate, protectionist buffoon. Because of him, the socialists will win.

    • Foreigner Friendly

      Oh no! Not the socialists!

    • Graeme Young

      The neoliberal project has failed. It has helped no one and done nothing. It’s time to have properly regulated economies again.

      • Vexxed

        Trump is the last guy in the world that’s going to do that

    • Tando

      What kind of socialists are you talking about?

      • tisho

        The democracts, or in particular Bernie Sanders who openly admits he is a socialist and he wants more socialism. People will associate the entire Republican party with the same views as Donald, and they will just vote for the socialists instead. It’s kind of funny because Donald himself is partly a socialist, his stance on so many issues is not republican at all.

      • Paul Johnny Lynn

        Not everyone thinks socialism is bad you know.

    • arrotoxieta

      The socialists have taken over the Western world long time ago. Next will be the Islamists.

      • tisho

        Socialism is relatively new movement in the United States, the word ”socialism” was considered a bad word only a few years ago, and during the cold war, people, in particular European immigrants were afraid to say something about socialism out of fear of being shipped back to Europe. Europe on the other hand has always been socialist. There were some exceptions such as England. Through out its history, England had period of free market capitalism and periods of socialism. The last capitalism period was during the Margaret Thatcher. England even now is relatively free compared to the rest of Europe, because Cameron is conservative. He privatized a lot of failed institutions, he still haven’t lower the taxes though, and there are too many regulations on businesses, although fewer compared to other EU countries. Germany had no minimum wage law until recently, but the bureaucracy in Germany is suffocating. I would say Estonia and some other small states are quite free, although i suspect it’s not going to last for long. Latin America went from colonies to dictatorship and then socialism. Now we have countries like Chile being economically freer than the United States, and they are doing pretty well. Socialism appeals to economically illiterate people, who sadly are the vast majority.

  • Karagarga

    He’s a clown but he raises some questions the other guys are too scared to touch.

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      Because the other guys know answers he doesn’t.

    • At Times Mistaken

      Like what exactly?

  • Graeme Young

    The thought of a window-licking cretin and according to Hoyle madman like Trump having his hands on the nuclear codes is truly terrifying.

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      Right? Scary as hell.

  • Vexxed

    Not fair? Keeping the second, now third, largest economy in the world and Asian power under foot for almost a century is a pretty fair return.

  • Joe Cortez

    It’s cute watching Trump act like he knows what he’s talking about.

    Um, do you remember the whole reason why we have bases in Japan to begin with? Oh, you know, something having to do with World War II, remember that?

    He’s acting like we’re there for Japanese interests. How embarrassing!!!

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      Almost everything of what he says is embarrassing. Mind you, so is reality TV, and that brings in viewership. I think we’re in for trouble.

  • Paul Johnny Lynn

    “…bring back jobs from Japan…”? Uh…what jobs does he imagine people like himself have outsourced from America to Japan, and for what reason? The guys a complete buffoon who panders to the small-minded.

    • Joe Cortez

      The guy clearly doesn’t know his head from a hole in the wall. He’s a businessman. He should leave politics to the politicians.

      • Paul Johnny Lynn

        And despite all his self-aggrandising he’s not even that much of a businessman. He nearly declared bankruptcy before and has huge debts. What he seems to have no deficit of are bluff and bravado.

      • Secret Guest

        no his company filed for bankruptcy at least 4 times.

      • If he only went bankrupt that’s something over and above the current admins $17 trillion debt

    • J.P. Bunny

      Those jobs he wants to bring back are already here. There are many Japanese automobile and electronic factories are located in the U.S., employing American workers. He’ll have an audience as long as people don’t really listen to what he says.

      • Paul Johnny Lynn

        But the thing is they DO listen to what he says because THEY believe it. It’s what they say to each other. It’s what they think is wrong with America and, despite the absence of anything resembling a concrete plan from him, what they foolishly believe he can fix for them.

    • Jonathan Fields

      If you have a smart phone, about a third of the value added during manufacturing comes from Japan. Not to mention that most electronics assembly plants (even in China) use Japanese machine tools. The iPhone 6 alone was said to have increased Japanese electronics exports by 5%. Trump is an idiot, but he’s not wrong on this point.

  • kingcat

    He must study the history of US-Japan security treaty again. US has engaged this treaty with Japan under Japaneas constitution stating disarmament. We are at the loss of words!

  • S.Nova

    Wowoaha… the comments here are sad. What’s wrong with supporting a mutual defense pact? Shouldn’t Japan appreciate growing up to the status of mature partner instead of remaining a dependent client state? Europe and Japan can complain about America when they shoulder their share of the global defense budget (not defending stupid American actions like the invasion of Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya here). Also, not relevant to this article, but if you will accept nuclear power plants in disaster prone Nihon for economic concerns, you should accept the importance of nuclear armaments for defense concerns. Any country that doesn’t have their own nuclear weapons ultimately depends on another power that does for their security.

    • Clickonthewhatnow

      The comments here are generally against Trump saying that America got the short end of the stick with the pact. And that’s fine, since Trump’s statement is ridiculous.

    • Secret Guest

      You have no idea do you? Japanese pay Americans an exorbitant amount of cash to keep the bases in Japan. You really are clueless if you think America is doing all this for free. FREE? Have you ever gotten anything from the US government for free? You think Germany and Japan don’t have to pay for the unnecessary military service in their country? I don’t know where to begin, but I can end the conversation. Nothing is free. Good ol USA charges everyone to keep “peace”. If it weren’t for these countries and the USA bases on them, you’d be running such a high unemployment your head would spin. Please get real. Free? ROFLMAO.

      • S.Nova

        Yeah, and having a formal partnership is better than this. The people of the USA do not want an informal empire. So Trump is actually a great reformer (if he’s elected and isn’t just another paper tiger). FYI I have plenty idea(s), stop projecting.

      • Secret Guest

        you dense? What’s not fair? Japan PAYS. When you pay, you get the benefit. If Japan didn’t pay, US doesnt have to help. Japan pays the USA and the USA wants Japan to protect them? Then the USA needs to pay Japan!! What part of this do you not understand? You clearly have no idea or ideas.

  • J.P. Bunny

    The fact that this egocentric gas bag has gotten this far shows that a large part of the American electorate (the ones that can actually be bothered to vote) has no idea of how their government works, nor be bothered to think. Every election a group of candidates run around and say “When I’m elected, I will do this and that”, knowing full well that it doesn’t mean a thing. The president is not a dictator. Whatever he/she proposes, has to get past two houses of a divided Congress, and possibly the Supreme Court as well. When Obama was first elected, his main promise was universal health care. After years of struggling it was finally made a reality, but the opposition is still trying to destroy it. What makes the American people think that a super annoying (shall use family friendly language) fool such as Trump will do any better?

    Trump says he will get rid of all the illegal immigrants, build a huge wall, take jobs back from Japan and China, negotiate properly, etc. Fine. How? No specifics are every given. Candidates never go into details about their vague promises, they just promise, and the voters never demand specifics. Thinking is just too much trouble for many people, much to the benefit of Donald The Ego.

    • tisho

      People see Trump as a tough guy. If he says he wants to do something, he’s gonna find a way to do it! The problem is, Trump is absolutely incompetent, economically illiterate, uninformed ignorant buffoon. Nothing he says makes any sense or is a solution. Trump is so ignorant he doesn’t even understand the problems of this country. 90% of the time he talks about illegal immigration and building a wall. He hasn’t even mentioned the rising inflation, the weak dollar, the fact that the FED cannot rise interests rate or else the dollar collapses, the lack of economic growth and recovery, the fact that all the new jobs created are all part time jobs.. Non of that even registers as a problem in his book, he doesn’t even know about or understand any of those things. This guy is so unbelievably ignorant i can’t even believe his opponents haven’t crushed him yet, and the media is treating him with soft gloves.

      First of all, he doesn’t understand why is there so much illegal immigration. It’s because the legal immigration system is BROKEN. It’s extremely difficult for anyone to get a working visa and come legally. There is no ”line” to get in and wait, it’s extremely difficult even for skilled workers, not to mention low skilled workers. If it was easy to get a work permit, there would be no illegals. There are so many flaws with the legal immigration system i don’t have time to list all of it, just ask some immigrants in America and they’ll tell you. Not to even mention that 40% of all illegals have overstayed their visas. He doesn’t understand any of the issues, he keep talking about building wall as if it’s a solution to a problem.. What a buffoon.

      Second, he doesn’t understand why the US companies are moving abroad. He think he can make them come back forcefully by imposing a trade tariff.. oh my god.. There was a reporter that asked him once – the companies are leaving because the labor is cheaper there, how are you going to make them stay? And he said – we`ll talk with them, if we have to we`ll regulate them more. And this guy is republican!?!? This guy is going to make even MORE companies to leave the country, what an incredible buffoon.

      I don’t even want to comment his stupidity anymore.. He doesn’t even understand basic economics. He doesn’t even know what problems are there to fix! This guy is truly a collection of all the worst qualities a person can ever have.

      • J.P. Bunny

        Straight talking toughness and stupidity. Unfortunately, with many people, the former drowns out the latter.

  • Secret Guest

    This guy…. jeeez…..where do you start with a man with such a shady past? He has absolutely no idea how the world works. Just imagine, Japan dumping US treasuries and bonds because of this man. The sad thing is that all the other candidates are just as bad.

  • Janet

    I’m a big fan of the Donald. My kind of man – strong, confident, speaks his mind. I hope he makes it all the way.
    Trolls, if you don’t agree with me, great. Keep it to yourself.

  • Seventizz .

    It’s about time a politician brings up Japan and it’s negative impact on the US economy. I wish I could vote for Trump.

  • tzn

    Japan PAYS 5~6 billion $ every year , lent free land for a lot of BASE and give jurisdiction for criminal of US soldiers.
    Japan did not war even once so US forces did not work actually even once.

    HOW MANY times has the US gone to war?
    You say dying for every US war is FAIR? FOR FREE?