Tokyo smartphone bills fourth highest in the world


The average monthly smartphone bill in Tokyo is the fourth most expensive among seven major cities in the world, according to a study by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry.

The monthly bill for a 2-gigabyte data communications plan stood at ¥7,022 in Tokyo. New York topped the list at ¥10,601, followed by Duesseldorf, Germany, at ¥9,128 and London at ¥7,282.

Tokyo came in third in terms of 5- and 7-gigabyte data communications plans, the study released Tuesday found.

The rankings were based on purchasing power parity for the carriers with the largest market shares in the seven cities as of the end of 2014.

The study was conducted on the basis that the subscriber talks on the smartphone for 36 minutes and sends 129 messages per month.

The monthly bill set by NTT Docomo Inc. was relatively higher than the actual cost paid by its subscribers as the survey did not reflect monthly discounts offered by the company for the purchase of a smartphone.

The survey also covered Paris, Stockholm and Seoul.

In a separate survey released the same day, it found some 10 percent of infants below the age of 1 in Japan have been exposed to information technology devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Parents are showing their infants YouTube videos on their smartphones, said the Institute for Information and Communications Policy.

The survey, by a unit of the Communications Ministry, also revealed that about 30 percent of preschool children are adept at using IT gadgets.

They are thought to have picked up the skill on their own, probably by copying their parents, the think tank said.

Among other findings: Sixty to 70 percent of preschool children watch videos and 40 percent use educational applications.

The institute conducted the survey in February and March, receiving responses from 1,350 people.

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