Fukushima tap water wins Monde Selection gold award


Tap water from the city of Fukushima has won the second-highest prize in the Monde Selection, one of the most prestigious quality awards in the world, according to the city government.

The Fukushima Municipal Government hopes that winning the Gold Quality Award will help to dispel negative rumors stemming from the March 2011 triple reactor meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, which sits on lower ground about 60 km southeast.

The plant sits on the Pacific coast, where is still leaking highly contaminated water into the ocean.

Fukushima’s tap water became the seventh type from Japan to take first or second prize. The city sells its water under the Fukushima no Mizu brand for ¥100 per 500-ml bottle.

No radioactive material has been detected in Fukushima’s tap water since April 2011, as in any tap water in the country.

  • tokyoprogressive

    Fukushima paid for it. The distinction for all sorts of only poor to fair quality products is bought, pure and simple. But Fukushima, like the Japanese state, is betraying the people for the sake of image. A real crisis remains, and stunts like this, not to mention an Olympics sponsored by Tepco, betray the cynicism of a nation and its criminal corporations. This is just spitting in the face of the people of Tohoku. The LDP which enabled the nuclear mafia should be held to account, and people put on trial. This award speaks volumes about the depravity of Fukushima’s politicians.