Tokyo thanks Beijing for evacuating Japanese tourist from Yemen

JIJI, Kyodo

Japan thanked China for evacuating a Japanese tourist from war-torn Yemen aboard a Chinese Navy supply vessel, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.

The Chinese side invited the male Japanese national to board the ship along with Chinese evacuees, Suga told a news conference Tuesday. The tourist accepted the offer.

“We have conveyed our gratitude to the Chinese government,” he said, adding that Tokyo had not requested that China help evacuate the man.

Amid the worsening security situation in Yemen, China said Monday it had evacuated 279 people from 15 countries aboard the naval vessel.

The Japanese man flew to Socotra Island in late March via the Yemeni capital Sanaa. He became stranded there when flights were suspended after airstrikes began in Yemen.

He left the island Monday and arrived in Oman aboard the Chinese vessel Tuesday, from where he was scheduled to move on to the United Arab Emirates and continue his trip, Japanese officials said.

  • Nathan Hubbard

    Good guy China, I guess.

  • TheRedButterfly

    :) Thanks for being a bro China.

  • ernesto

    Not sure why anyone expects less from China, it is the Japanese that tried to take over the world.

  • Dan

    Since when do we have to applaud basic compassion?

  • pleasespareit

    China is the new US, saving everyone…

  • Jesus

    lmao there was no such thing as cannibalism

  • Christine

    Remember Chiune Sugihara? Humanity has no border…

    The Japan Times do report many news that other Japanese media could not… It became vivid during President Obama’s visit… but the bottom line is… I recall sharing Mr. Sugihara’s story in Beverly Hills almost 30 years ago – thought Museum of Tolerance should thank Mr. Sugihara for his courage during WWII. He said… “I did it for humanity…”