Nagoya co-ed who says she wanted to kill ‘anyone’ confesses to murder of elderly woman


Police arrested a female Nagoya University student Tuesday on suspicion of killing an elderly woman who was found dead earlier in the day in the suspect’s apartment.

They said the 19-year-old student admitted to murdering Tomoko Mori, 77, by hitting her head with an ax and strangling her with a scarf in the Nagoya apartment last month.

According to the police, the student said she had “wanted to kill someone since childhood,” and that it could have been “anybody.”

The two had apparently become acquainted when the victim tried to persuade the student to join a religious group.

The suspect, whose name is being withheld because she is minor, allegedly told the police she had felt annoyed at being asked to join the group.

The police started their investigation into the case when Mori’s husband consulted them in December after she went missing.

They found the ax believed to have been used in the killing in the student’s apartment.

  • Andrew Jarvis

    This article is very poorly written and researched. A little effort and the writer could have learned that the teen in question had shown interest in the religion and had willingly attended the meetings. She also asked the woman to visit her to answer questions at her apartment. The motive all along it seems was just to take the life of a well loved and kindly woman. This paper should be ashamed of itself , this is disgaceful !

  • fubar

    SGI meetings? Can’t stand them either.

  • Andrew Jarvis

    She was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and very much loved.