Japanese Muslims condemn Islamic State threat; some fear damage to Islam’s image


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Muslims in Japan on Wednesday condemned the threat a day earlier by the Islamic State group to execute two captives.

Some assailed it as an “unforgiveable” act of cruelty, and said the hostage-takers were unworthy of calling themselves Muslims.

Shigeru Shimoyama, a spokesman for Tokyo Camii, the nation’s largest mosque, denounced the video as “despicable” and “un-Islamic.”

Shimoyama said that in Islam, killing one innocent person is considered tantamount to killing all of mankind.

The 30-year convert to the faith said the Jihadi group’s actions stand in contradiction to Islam’s profound respect for human life.

In a video released on Tuesday afternoon, a knife-wielding militant threatened to kill Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa unless Tokyo pays a $200 million ransom within 72 hours.

The demand was apparently in response to an earlier pledge by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to provide $200 million in nonmilitary assistance to countries fighting the Islamic State.

Abe is currently on a six-day visit to the Middle East.

Shimoyama also expressed concern that the extremists’ actions would cement the belief in Japan that Muslims are by definition brutal and violent.

“The Muslims have long been misunderstood in Japan. An incident like this could further breed the illusion that Islam is a religion for terrorists,” Shimoyama added.

The people behind the kidnappings “are not Muslims,” he said.

Such a view is echoed by Haithan Ambu-saidi, 22, an exchange student from Oman who is currently studying at Tokai University in Kanagawa Prefecture.

“I’m sorry for anybody who is in trouble (because of) ISIS, because the group has no relation with the general Islam,” he said, using an acronym referring to the Islamic State.

“Muslims do not kill anybody. We don’t kill any innocent” people, Ambu-saidi said.

A Muslim man contacted at the Hokkaido Islamic Society, who asked that he not be named, similarly condemned the hostage crisis as unforgivable and brutal. He expressed the hope that the two men would survive.

Despite the horrific implications of the threat, the Japanese public would take the news in its stride, he said.

“Whatever ISIS may commit, I believe most Japanese are sane enough to know the extremist group doesn’t belong to us,” he said.

  • Markov Chain

    Islam should be banned. this so called piece of “‘#&’ religion is ruining societies and families. Sane people know that not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims and believe that the book created by a pedophile called koran is justifying their acts. This is very dangerous. If these so called “peace loving” muslims are really worried about their image, they should protest!! Raise some money to free the hostages! Everywhere, it is almost always muslims who are doing these atrocities! Hence, islam should be banned. It is an outdated book not fit in this generation! muslims should stay in muslim countries!

  • kneedragon76

    too late islam is a cess pool of morons

  • TheSandGal

    I think it’s more than a bit late for Islam’s “image”. It’s a religion of violence and intolerance that sows war and poverty wherever it goes. So sad that in the 21 centry, this 7th century philosophy still has so much power over people. The only problem is how to avoid it coming to ruin our own countries.

  • myUserName

    Even Japan has Muslims! Then soon it would face the muslim problem if its size increases.

    There is a saying ” A plant which could not be pulled off from the soil in its sapling stage, cannot be uprooted when it turns into a tree”.

    Although, this sounds bit provocative I am expressing the fact. The fact would remain the same even though it may be soothing or provocative or something else. And I mean in no way for violent means rather for realistic means.

  • mary

    Read the Koran and their other holy books and you will find Isis is the exact refection of Islam! They are doing exactly what Muhammad has told them to do. It is NOT a relgion of peace but of war and world submission to Islam. The very word islam means submission and furthermore Muhammad tells them to lie to non-muslims to further their aim, which is worldwide domination and the entire world becoming muslim. This is in their own writings! Read the muslim books and see for yourself.

  • Tap Hue

    Caliphates existed before the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Islamic State militants also appear to be radical salafis. They are Muslim, just as Americans are Christian. When the Pope throws a punch, when Americans bomb their way through the world and kill innocent civilians, going against Jesus’ sermons, no one accuses of them of not being Christian.

  • Jay

    Sorry, but there is not enough action against ISIS by Islamic groups and governments to warrant our forgiveness or sympathy. Until we see Muslims declaring war against these radical freaks, arresting them, cutting off their sources of funding and arms, Muslims cannot be trusted or believed.

  • Lawrence Klepinger

    The amount of “Extremist Muslims” by the “Moderates” own admission is “only 10%.”

    If so, and if the total population of Muslims in the world is 1.6 BILLION, as also stated by “Moderate” Muslims, then a quick calculation would place the “Radical Element of Extremist Muslims” at 160,000,000 MILLION Radical Muslims WORLDWIDE.

    That is more than most COUNTRIES population, and larger than every standing military in the world.

    As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

  • Eagle

    “Abe is currently on a six-day visit to the Middle East.”

    Accordingly, he received a matching well-timed welcome to put him and Japan under pressure while he is trying to negotiate when he shouldn’t even have to go there so unprepared. Nice test to run on Mr. sore stomach.

  • Brian Lewis

    BS…Its the same breed and the same dog….They are all the same, I just takes one ill course of action and they will all turn on you….Watch out Japan…You have a Muslim Problem that will destroy your safety and security…Welcome to the new world…your peace is over because of them!!!, They are everywhere in Japan with over 60 mosaics in the last 15 years…I’ve seen women wear burquas in Ishikawa…

  • mary

    Please note the following:

    Please refer to them as Daesh not IS or ISIS. It denies them legitimacy by removing the name State from their name. It is also a sound alike name that really does describe them and they hate it.

    France has requested everyone to use Daesh to designate them from now on. The USA, France, Germany, UK and all non-Daesh supporters are now using Daesh not IS or ISIS or ISL.

    It could help key in other muslims to not join them as it is both descriptive of the bigot bullies and also describes something that most muslims would consider to be false Islam. Names do matter.

    Please do a web search for the full meaning of Daesh. It is also considered by Daesh to be insulting. I just learned this yesterday and will now be referring to these terrorists as Daesh.

  • Miki

    I have read this right and I puked not only on laws on bestiality but to convicted women. So if the radical warriors are expecting 72 virgins for them to be waiting in heaven, they are running out of virgins in heaven coz Khomeni said to his followers that if a virgin woman is convicted to die, she must be molested first before dying…aww.

  • Miki

    tnx Mary.