One of the last YS-11 passenger planes up for sale


The transport ministry is inviting bids for one of the last YS-11s, the only Japanese-developed civilian passenger airplane.

After this particular plane left commercial service, it was used by the ministry to check radio waves that guide arriving airplanes to runways at airports across the country.

The plane hasn’t been used in years, though, and making it airworthy again would be expensive. The ministry hopes a buyer will come forward who wants to display it, officials said.

The first mass-produced version of the YS-11 was granted status as an item of Mechanical Engineering Heritage by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Some YS-11s are still in use by the Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces, though none is in service in civil aviation.

The model on sale, manufactured in 1968, has a decrepit body after being kept in storage over a long period at Haneda airport in Tokyo

The ministry tried auctioning it off in 2010 but attracted no bids. Bids will be accepted this time until Tuesday. The ministry plans to scrap the YS-11 if it fails to find a buyer again.