Restart of Sendai reactors unlikely before winter


Kyushu Electric Power Co. said Tuesday it won’t be able until late September or October to submit documents necessary for regulatory safety checks of two of its nuclear reactors.

This means it is unlikely that reactors 1 and 2 at the nuclear power station in Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, will be restarted before this winter.

Kyushu Electric initially planned to submit the documents, including specific steps to deal with accidents, in late May.

It is expected to take at least several months after the documents are submitted before all required procedures for restarting the reactors can be completed.

Last month, the Nuclear Regulation Authority released a draft report confirming that the two Sendai reactors meet the regulatory standards that were introduced about a year ago in response to the Fukushima catastrophe.

With all reactors in the country currently offline, the Sendai units have been the first to gain such an assessment.

The safety certification for the reactors will be finalized when the additional documents are approved by the NRA.