Tritium levels at Fukushima No. 1 top Pacific Ocean dumping limit, Tepco reports


Water sampled from a well at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has been found to contain levels of radioactive tritium that exceeds the limit for dumping it into the Pacific, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

The discovery was the first report of over the limit tritium in groundwater at the wells since Tepco began discharging water into the ocean last week.

In samples taken from one of the 12 wells on Monday, 1,700 becquerels per liter of tritium was detected, exceeding the maximum limit of 1,500 becquerels, the utility said on Tuesday.

Tritium levels in samples taken last month also topped the limit.

Tepco stopped pumping water from the well on Tuesday night, and said it plans to step up groundwater monitoring.

The utility is now releasing groundwater from the 12 wells into the sea after temporarily storing it in tanks and checking radiation levels.

Tepco hopes to use the wells to block the inflow of groundwater to the reactor buildings of the plant’s wrecked reactors, and to minimize the amount of highly toxic water building up on-site, by starting to dump water into the sea.

Also Tuesday, Tepco said it had confirmed water was leaking from a pipe in the reactor containment vessel inside the plant’s No. 1 reactor building. The utility used a camera-mounted remote-controlled robot in the operation. It was determined last November that water was leaking from the vessel’s bottom near the pipe, at a rate of up to 3.2 tons per hour.

In the No. 1 to No. 3 reactor buildings, highly contaminated water leaking from the vessels has amassed, preventing work to remove nuclear fuel from the vessels.

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    Crimes against humanity.

  • Conrad Brean

    And the Abe Government simply sits by and lets TEPCO and its criminal band pour toxic poison into our oceans. What perhaps is worse is the complete compliance of the Western world to Japan’s crimes… In the meantime shareholders of the nuclear industry sit back without concern…

    • Shades shady

      You better believe share holders are worried. The USA has 60 of these old and outdated reactor’s still in operation in the USA. And even the Japanese courts denied Tepco from restarting 2 of the 30 shutdown reactor’s in Japan. Now they are dumping all this “stored” water into the ocean? Why did they even bother wasting the time to collect it then?
      The smartest thing they could have done was call Russia, China or the USA and called in a Nuclear strike on each reactor. That way the fallout would be a lot less toxic as it is now.

      The rate of thyroid cancers among some 250,000 young people in the area’s around Fukushima young people is more than 40 times normal. According to
      health expert Joe Mangano, more than 46 percent have
      precancerous nodules and cysts on their thyroids. This is
      “just the beginning” of a tragic epidemic, he

      Look at the west coast of North America, from Alaska to California Starfish have been ripping off there own limbs until they die. Polar Bears, Sea Lions and seals around the Bearing Sea ice flows were seen with patches of fur and skin missing with open sores.

      And more and more mass animal die offs are becoming more of a normal thing. Bee’s, fish/whales and birds make up the majority.

      The shareholders will lose some cash but the ever greedy humans will want and demand power and make up for any loss.

      • Conrad Brean

        What’s also frightening is the unregulated second hand cars and air conditioners being redistributed and resold throughout Japan without the slightest bit of concern or oversight of the Japanese government. Scary to think of air filters in vehicles and ac units out blowing contamination to unsuspecting persons.

      • Sam Gilman


        You promised me on these JT comment pages to provide evidence that your views on radiation – which to me appear to be based upon the work of notorious pseudoscientists, frauds and fearmongers – were based on something other than that.

        How about it?

      • Sam Gilman

        Hi Shades, if I may pick you up on a couple of things.

        1. Joe Mangano is not a recognised health “expert”. He’s actually considered a junk science purveyor, even by many anti-nuclear advocates. For example, his research that claimed 14000 children in America died more or less because of Fukushima is considered so offensively – and deliberately – bad that one wonders at what point does Mangano-style fearmongering becomes a legal offence. (I’m happy to explain more about how bad his research is if you ask).

        2. The screening programme in Fukushima has absolutely not discovered 40 times more thyroid cancers than normal. The screening programme has been replicated in areas unaffected by Fukushima radiation, and the results indicate that Fukushima residents are no different in thyroid cancer rates than those not exposed to radiation.

        Mangano wants to compare yearly hiistorical rates of how many people turn up with huge tumours in their thyroids, with a screening programme that picks up several years’ worth of thyroid cases in one go.

        That Mangano “apparently” cannot tell the difference between the two is testament to Mangano’s incompetence.

      • Conrad Brean

        Hi Sam
        The ‘screening’ as you call it was anything but random. Any precise information regarding the ages of their sample groups were carefully omitted. The reason being that children are far more likely to develop symptoms then adults for reasons I think you are well aware of.

        Moreover, the rather sick ‘share the burden’ policy by the state to distribute the disposal of toxic waste to designated points all over Japan was done with a precise agenda. Like in all outlying prefectures and regions in Japan, Kyushu now has several sites were they are dumping and burning toxic waste from Fukushima. Thus, the government can now say that cancer rates from all regions of Japan are the same as Fukushima (thus, there is no problem with Fukushima).

        Moreover, now that Abe has ushered in the draconian State Secrets Act – whistle-blowers, academics, and journalists are in fear of their careers and livelihoods because of being prosecuted. If you know anything about Japan – even being indicted on a criminal offense can bring about discrimination and shame in the workplace- and ruin one’s chances for promotion.

        While I understand you would like to quell the fear mongering and separate scientist from charlatan, you seem more inclined to suggest that TEPCO and government have everything under control when in fact this is not true.

      • Sam Gilman


        Sooooo, you think Japanese officials have decided to spread radioactive waste around in order to give little children cancer across the whole country? That would mean giving cancer to their own children. Those cold, callous, inscrutable orientals, eh? They’d kill their own children to avoid that worst of all Asian terrors, “shame”, would they?

        Congratulations, Conrad, you’ve graduated from quack science to straightforward racism. I believe this particular racist fantasy originated with snake-oil salesman, “Professor” Chris Busby. No radioactive waste is removed to be incinerated outside Fukushima prefecture. Low level waste material (topsoil, leafage etc. from near the plant), as everyone knows, is being gathered and bagged and kept within Fukushima prefecture itself. Why are you making stuff up?

        As for your persistent attempts to create fear in people, let’s look at how truthful you are. You complain that that people are being tricked because the thyroid studies are not random. Conrad, they’re not meant to be random. In Fukushima, they’re every single child 18 or under at the time of the accident. In the comparator studies (Article here), they are every single child from a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school and a high school from the main population centre of three comparator prefectures (85% participation rate). You claim that “any precise information regarding the ages of their sample groups were carefully omitted.” That’s not true. Look at Table 1. It gives numbers and age groups and genders too.

        Why are you making this stuff up?

      • Shades shady

        (That Tepco and the Japanese government “apparently” cannot tell the difference between the two is testament to Tepco and the Japanese governments incompetence.)

        I would say from all the lies and back tracking done Tepco and the Japanese government have done, my rewording of your last statement fits much better.

        The best one was Tepco saying no reactor had gone critical. And then one day they say woop’s we made a mistake. “3 cores did melt down and now we don’t know where they went”. Don’t try peeing on my leg and tell me its only raining!

        Gov’t Report: Fukushima released up to 181 Quadrillion Bq of cesium, Chernobyl was 105 Quadrillion — Radioactive material to flow from Japan
        “for years to come” — Fukushima radionuclides have now spread “throughout N. Pacific”

        Also with birds , they claim it is just the bird flu. We have always been told by the news if one person is affected by SARS, MERS, and any variant of the pig and bird flu. So I am to believe that birds are just falling out of the sky dead, with no spread at all to humans? Do they really think we are all sheep?

        “Bee’s” the slaughter of these guys I believe is do to pesticides. For years we have ignored there deaths until recently.

        Billions of bee’s just this year have been reported dead. Monsanto owns 75% of GMO seeds and keeps paying hush money to allow the slaughter of bees for profit. If bees are not there pollinate natural crops for reseeding, the farmers have to plant a GMO next crop.

        Why is there massive dying off of fish and sea life happening happening all over the Pacific?

        Anchovies, Sardines and Hearing are the food for many of the fish humans enjoy and rely on for food. Starfish(Sea Stars) are a slow moving critter with a appetite for any crustacean it happens to crawl upon (almost the garbage man of the sea).

        Japan has been left reeking of dead fish after nearly 200 tons of stinky sardines washed up on its shore at the fishing port of Ohara, on Japan’s west-facing North Pacific Ocean coast, on June 3 and quickly turned the sea red.Since then the bizarre phenomenon gone has rapidly got out of control.

        May 19, Marina del Rey.
        1st January 2014 – Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in El Oro, Ecuador.

        3rd January 2014 – Second mass die-off of Sardines during past 2 weeks washes up on beaches in Valparaiso, Chile.

        4th January 2014 – 47 Marine animals (seals, turtles, dolphins, birds) found dead on beach in Chiclayo, Peru.

        14th January 2014 – Tons of fish found dead, ‘worst fish kill ever’ in a river in Mindanao, Philippines.

        29th January 2014 – Masses of fish and squid wash ashore dead on beach in Kauai, Hawaii, America.

        Millions of Sea stars still dying off on west coast of America.

        400+ dolphins wash up dead during January on beaches in Northern Peru.

        24th February 2014 – Thousands of dead crabs plus other marine species concern about mass death.

        100 Dolphins, Turtles, Sea Lions and Sea Birds turn up dead along coast of Peru.

        10 MILLION Scallops have died in the waters near Vancouver, Canada.

        5th April 2014 – 48 Dolphins wash up dead during past month in Texas, America.

        6th June 2014 – Masses of dead fish wash up again in Galveston, Texas, America.

        Seals and Polar Bears found with missing patches of skin and fur that resembled radiation burns, they were all in the fallout path from Fukushima.

        Near Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island] and I got approximately 100 of these little herring and they were not only bleeding from their fins, but their bellies, their chins, their eyeballs. “It was 100 per cent … I couldn’t find any that weren’t bleeding to some degree.

        So if you can’t see OUR HOME the Earth is in serious trouble, your either very dumb or very sadistic.

        Birds spread our seed’s around and keep trees and bushes genetics healthy.

        It was Darwin who said “if bees ever become extinct, humans will follow with in 3 years”

        The Pacific is used to feed the world. And right now all the feeder fish or “main staple for ocean birds, sea mammals and apex fish. Keep dying of in record numbers all over.

        We keep having bees, birds and fish keep dying off in huge numbers. Humans will grow hungry and weak, as we will see food price reach higher then ever was possible.

        If you want to, your more then welcome to eat my share of, Tuna, salmon, crab and prawns. Because for 3 years now, you wont ever see me eating the sea food I once loved to eat.

      • Sam Gilman

        You appear to think that every single news story in the world, including those, like SARS, that occurred before Fukushima, are caused by the Fukushima accident.

        In other words, you have no mechanism, no intellectual process by which you sort out truth from falsehood.

        That, I’m afraid, makes you one of the bad guys. As bad as TEPCO, just not as influential. Let me explain.

        If people are told their lives or the lives of their children are unavoidably threatened, they change what they do. They become depressed, start drinking, start lashing out. Lives fall apart.

        So it’s really vitally important, before we tell people that their children’s lives are in danger, that we’re correct to say so. I explained to you in some detail why Mangano is wrong, and why we shouldn’t be rushing to tell people their children may get a cancer.

        You didn’t dispute the point with me. You simply displayed complete indifference.

        What’s the difference between your indifference to human life – so long as it serves your political ends, and TEPCO’s indifference to safety, so long as they get their profits?

        I don’t see any difference. I just see indifference.

  • Sam Gilman

    Do you have a reference for that 75% figure? It looks either made-up or thoroughly misunderstood.

    It’s really important people don’t spread fantasies about solar and wind, as such fantasies will help prolong the use of fossil fuels. Germany is burning a whole lot of coal at the moment, and has been building coal plants in order to stop using nuclear power. As a consequence its CO2 emissions have risen. Germany is far from the most carbon efficient economy in Europe.

  • Sam Gilman


    I know you mean well, but global warming is an incredibly serious problem which – I’m sorry – here at least, you’re just not taking seriously at all. Did you not see what happened there? Aside from the fact that you’ve confused electricity and overall energy (electricity is less than half), three hours versus 365 days means even there you were out by a factor of 2,920. Two thousand nine hundred and twenty times two, and you didn’t even blink. You had two choices: the first was to say “oh, hell that’s right, we’ve got a much bigger task on our hands than I had understood.” That would have been honest.

    The second was to say this:

    It may not have been sustained but it won’t be long before it is.

    There are no data to support this. You’ve just insisted this without foundation. The only thing you’re doing here is protecting your own ego in an argument. Neither your ego nor my ego is more important than tackling global warming. Let’s focus on this honestly, and see how well the German Energiewende is doing.

    Massive solar investment in Germany amounts to output of approximately 6% of electricity needs. Not of energy needs, just of electricity. Investment is tailing off now; new PV installation has been falling over the past two years. Yes, solar can on occasion provide massive amounts of energy, but that reflects a serious problem: the more you build out an energy source that fluctuates so dramatically in order to up its average contribution, the harder it becomes to manage, as is happening in Germany and the transnational grids it’s part of, and the more expensive it gets as the more of it you have to curtail (ie “throw away”) because we don’t know how to store it on that scale without large hydro dams. Wind (which fluctuates less not least because it can still operate at three in the morning) does better – around 9% of electricity, and with much greater potential for expansion, but again, because it’s intermittent, there are upper cost constraints to installing capacity. A large part of Germany’s renewable sector is actually biofuels: growing stuff to burn. 17% of German arable land is currently given over to 7% of electricity needs (2% – two per cent – of energy needs). That can’t be expanded much sustainably. We are a long, long, long way from 70% all the time, even if we’re just talking about electricity. Germany has a target of 80% renewable electricity in 2050, but it’s already stalling.

    And that’s just electricity. Not even the most optimistic German targets foresee your original claim of 70% of energy “before long” from renewables over the next 50 years. To decarbonise the economy you have to convert other power forms to electricity (which is the currency of most forms of low-carbon power production). We need dramatically more electricity. Per unit of GDP (so as to fairly compare between richer and poorer countries), Germany is nowhere near the cleanest among European countries for how much CO2 it produces. That’s a stat that corporate interests in solar panel production especially don’t want you to hear. Its CO2 emissions are going up because it’s building baseload coal to replace baseload nuclear.

    All this is how the numbers work.

    So, when people go around saying “don’t worry, it won’t be long before we solve this” with wind and solar based not on evidence but ideology, it makes it very hard in reality to galvanise political and popular will to tackle climate change. Such people are simply helping corporate fossil fuel interests maintain their dominance. Have you not noticed, for example, how much good PR solar gets in the press compared to the more effective wind?

    Do you really want to give help to the large fossil fuel corporations?

    • Conrad Brean

      Hi Sam

      For someone who purports to be a man of science, you make a lot of assumptions. The first is a rather personal attack on my perceptions of cultures and race. To call me a racist is rather disturbing and untrue, specifically because that would mean that I find my wife and children demeaning and below my genetic origins.

      Regarding your claims, to say that TEPCO and the government are concerned about human life is rather naive at best. When the bugles for battle are called for power and oil….do you really think politicians do risk assessments of human life…

      Radioactive Idoine is only one of the problems, and a small one in the case of Fukushima.
      They have major problems with Radioactive Cesium and Strontium that is going to affect a large part of environmental resources contaminated with wind, underground water, oceanic currents.

      The solution so far has been to “spread and Dilute” rather than “stop” and “Clean-up”. The cancers which may result from the extra dose of radiation, cannot be expected to appear until after at least 10 years following exposure, and may peak at 4-50 years. So it is too early to say nothing has happened.

      On the other hand, many residents of Fukushima have talked about the cover-ups to many unexplained deaths in their communities. I met one such person in a conference who said governmental assistance depended on them keeping their mouths shut.

      Everybody knows that TEPCO has a dark and dirty history and continues to show lack of integrity in dealing with the current situation. The government has not taken a strong leadership and still people are at the hands of TEPCO and similar large companies who set their targets on profit, not human welfare in the hurt communities.

      Well, the Japanese government keeps saying everything is safe without knowing that for sure. they only care of less publicity and embarassment, not realities.

      I am not sure if you are simply someone on TEPCO’s pay roll or an ardent neo-con who finds all of this simply as the growing pains of capitalism….but sadly, you could do more to your spend time being more open minded and less a flag wavier of TEPCO and the state.

      • Sam Gilman


        I’m not making any assumptions, I’m making assertions about what you said. There’s a big difference. If you’re going to deploy stereotypes of Japanese obediently sacrificing themselves and their own families for the honour of the collective, don’t blame the one who calls you on it. Marrying Japanese doesn’t seem to stop a fair number of westerners from expressing open casual racism about them, as anyone living here should be fully aware.

        Let’s look at what you’re claiming: There are 47 prefectures in Japan. In each one you are claiming that people are taking and burning radioactive waste in order to give the local children cancer in order to mask what you believe are or will be massively increases in child thyroid cancer in Fukushima. That’s hundreds if not thousands of Japanese people actively trying to give their own children, nephews and cousins cancer, on the order of the government-TEPCO villains in their hideout, in order to give TEPCO a mere couple of years peace before the rise in clinical cancer cases across Japan becomes impossible to ignore. All this without a peep out of anyone involved.

        Busby has no evidence for his theory, it’s just something he made up. No reliable monitoring service has picked up any increases in radiation outside the areas directly affected by the disaster. This “spread and dilute” thing is clearly not happening. So why would anyone believe something like this when there is no evidence at all for it? The answer is straightforward: because it panders to prejudices about Japanese as cold, obedient automatons who’ll sacrifice themselves for the emperor, or in this case TEPCO. A prejudice you yourself seem to have about your wife’s ethnicity…or did you perhaps not think the whole thing through and what it would involve before you started spreading the idea around the Internet?

        Oh, and this:

        On the other hand, many residents of Fukushima have talked about the cover-ups to many unexplained deaths in their communities. I met one such person in a conference who said governmental assistance depended on them keeping their mouths shut.

        Really? Again, what you’re saying is that every single person who qualifies for government assistance has decided to take the hush money and participate in a cover-up that’s killing large numbers of people. How many thousands and thousands of people are keeping heir mouths shut? All these materialist mass-minded Japanese, somehow lacking the individualist backbone of us independent-minded and principled westerners, eh?

        And all those hundreds and hundreds of doctors all across Fukushima prefecture, who’ve sworn the hippocratic oath, just looking the other way at these “unexplained deaths”, on the say so of the glorious Chancellor Palpatine sorry the emperor, I mean TEPCO?

        I’ve already shown how you made things up about the thyroid screening programmes, and how you spread nonsense about the waste disposal programmes. I rather suspect you, or the anti-nuclear activist you spoke to, is messing with the truth here too (“unexplained”). This is, sadly typical for the kind of extreme anti-science activism that has taken over the anti-nuclear movement. I’ve shown how your conspiracies rely on common racial stereotypes of the Japanese. Again, sadly all too common.

        This is why I basically can’t trust information coming from the anti-nuclear movement. You lot make things up all the damned time, with a disturbing reliance on wild conspiracy theories. Radioactive releases can indeed be dangerous, and we do indeed need to monitor populations. It would be great to have more organisations reliable and trustworthy enough to hold the government to account. But you lot are as indifferent to the truth as TEPCO management was to safety. Your spreading of made-up nonsense causes real health problems. You’re morally no better than TEPCO. No doubt you have a pat psychological defence against that accusation as well.

      • Conrad Brean

        Sam – you are a perfect example how information neither equal knowledge nor wisdom but simply self absorption. I am sure it makes you feel quaint to put people down and to ‘assert’ your opinions on others. No doubt you have a lot of friends…(not). To be skeptical of TEPCO and the Japanese government does not make me a racist. Your government (no doubt the US) as your ego pillows over between your sentences… has done as much harm to its own citizens as Japan. So now I guess I am an anti-American conspiracy theorist. I would love to keep this going on…but there are more things important than arguing with a neo-con nutcase who takes a ‘peer-review’ article as the holy gospel…..And by the way….I hate to tell you this but the world is flat. Evidence…your unshakeable faith in science….

      • Sam Gilman

        Again, you’re inventing things. I didn’t say that “being skeptical of TEPCO” was racist. I said believing in the mass obedience of thousands of Japanese in deliberately trying to give cancer to their own children is racist. That’s pretty clear; please don’t pretend to be stupid.

        Every time I argue that you’ve said something untrue, you make no attempt to defend the detail of what you said. You just go into another untruth and deal out insults. Anyone can see from this conversation I’m not a supporter of TEPCO. Anyone who knows my posting history knows I’m not remotely right wing. These are inventions of your own mind.

        If you have to invent so many “facts” in a discussion, doesn’t that mean you’ve got a problem?

        When you start openly mocking mainstream science, doesn’t that mean you’re a crank?