Body of dead nurse sent to Tokyo as ‘doll’ spurs probe


Detectives are investigating the death of a young nurse whose corpse was sent hundreds of kilometers by post, in a box labeled with the Japanese word for “doll.”

The body of Rika Okada was found in a storage locker in the city of Hachioji, western Tokyo. Investigators also found a 2-meter box that carried her corpse from Osaka.

The delivery service that ferried the package 400 km to the capital had been paid in Okada’s own name. The bill for the locker’s short-term rental had also been settled using her credit card. Such storage lockers are often called “trunk rooms.”

The body of the 29-year-old, who went missing in late March, had more than a dozen stab wounds, but no defensive injuries on her hands or arms. Most of the wounds were apparently inflicted after her death.

A woman who had attended elementary school with Okada flew out of Tokyo earlier this month using the dead woman’s passport.

The schoolmate, who so far has not been named, is believed to have lived just a few hundred meters from the storage locker with a Chinese woman of about the same age who attended a graduate school in Hachioji.

Both women departed Tokyo’s Haneda airport on the same flight, bound for Shanghai.

Before she went missing, Okada wrote on her Facebook page that she was planning to meet up in Osaka with an old friend whom she had not seen for a decade.

  • Kochigachi

    This is very odd murder case. Nigel boy would love this kind of article.