Actress’ kiss at Cannes angers Tehran


Iranian actress Leila Hatami on Sunday angered authorities in Tehran by greeting the president of the Cannes film festival with a kiss on the cheek, an act that outraged conservatives back home.

“Iranian womanhood is the symbol of chastity and innocence,” Deputy Culture Minister Hossein Noushabadi said, quoted by state broadcaster IRIB. “Those who attend international events should respect the credibility and chastity of Iranians, so that a bad image of Iranian women will not be demonstrated to the world.”

Hatami gained worldwide fame for her role in Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation,” which won the 2012 Academy Award for best foreign language film.

She lives in Iran and is on the jury this year at the annual Cannes festival in southern France.

  • Roppi

    Perhaps the Deputy Culture Minister Hossein Noushabadi should spend more time looking for ways to protect the inalienable human rights of all women in Iran rather than frothing at the month over a perceived slight on their honour!..or in reality is that the honour of the Iranian men and their primitive interpretation on women’s rights??

    His ridiculous comment about
    a ‘kiss on a cheek’ at a film festival only highlights to the rest of the civilised
    world that the Iranian theocracy doesn’t give a damn about women’s rights – tragically most women are little more than breeding machines. Perhaps a public stoning on her return would send a clear message to the female population that this behaviour is not acceptable..

    I shouldn’t joke about this –because these people are clearly capable of that action….:(

    What a world we live in!

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