High school girls spend more time on mobile phones than boys: survey


Female high school students spend more than three hours browsing their phones each weekday, a government survey has revealed.

But male students were less fixated, spending just over two hours a day, the survey by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said Thursday.

The ministry surveyed about 15,000 students in the Tokyo area and found that almost 85 percent use a smartphone, with girls slightly outnumbering boys.

Moreover, about 5 percent of female and 4 percent of male respondents could be characterized as Internet addicts if gauged by an internationally recognized test of 20 indicators.

Many admit having online acquaintances they have never met in real life. The average exceeded 19 each, outnumbering their 15 real-life friends. Those falling into the addict category reported having 93 online friends on average.

Does mobile phone use detract from real life? More than one in three said it eats into studying time and 40 percent said it reduces their sleeping time.