Nippon Ishin aims to create new opposition party by summer


Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) decided Saturday to try to create a new political entity by summer through a realignment of fellow opposition parties like Yui no To.

The move is designed to prepare for quadrennial, unified local elections in spring next year. Nippon Ishin is already discussing policy coordination with Yui no To.

At a meeting of senior members, Nippon Ishin confirmed that it will also call on Your Party to begin discussions through Nippon Ishin co-leader, Shintaro Ishihara.

None of the participants objected to the plan and agreed to launch a merger process with Yui no To soon after the policy coordination talks are concluded, sources with access to the meeting said.

Ishihara and Toru Hashimoto, who also co-heads the party and serves as mayor of Osaka, took part via a teleconference.

Ishihara, who is cautious about teaming up with Yui no To, said the proposed merger should aim to create an even larger group by including Your Party. Yui no To was created by defectors from Your Party.

Yorihisa Matsuno, the most senior Nippon Ishin lawmaker, said on an Internet program after the meeting that the party hopes to form a new group with both Yui no To and Your Party.

Nippon Ishin will later consider whether to approach the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan and Seikatsu no To (People’s Life Party), a minor opposition force.