Cod caught in Norway with sex toy in its stomach


An unexpected catch ended up in the net of a Norwegian fisherman, who said he had landed a cod with a sex aid in its stomach.

Bjoern Frilund, 64, said Friday he found a 5- to 6-kg cod in his net while fishing for herring last week on Norway’s west coast, and noticed the unusual shape of its stomach when he gutted it.

“First two herrings came out, and then I found this rubber thing,” he told AFP in an interview.

Frilund said that, at a guess, the orange-colored sex toy was “15 or 16 cm” long. It still had its motor but was without batteries.

“I knew cod swallow pretty much anything, but I couldn’t expect this,” he went on. “The odds of something like this happening are the same as being hit by a meteorite in the head.”

The outlandish find was immortalized in a picture by his son, Marius. He does not think his dad was the victim of a prank, since the fish was caught alive and the sex aid was deep in its stomach.

Frilund thought the cod had mistaken it for a squid.

As for its origin, he guessed that “maybe a frustrated lady threw it overboard from the Coastal Express,” a tourist ship that cruises along the Norwegian coast.