Japan’s new guidelines on arms exports to take pacifist theme


The government will underline the importance of Japan’s path as a pacifist nation in the preamble of guidelines proposed for its new arms export business, according to informed sources.

In the preamble, the government will say that Japan’s restrictions on arms exports have played a certain role in helping the country follow the path of a pacifist nation.

It also says Japan has been maintaining an exclusively defense-oriented policy while adhering to its three nonnuclear principles, suggesting that Japan will maintain this stance.

These descriptions were included in the preamble based on a request by New Komeito, the ruling coalition’s junior partner of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, the sources said Friday.

The three long-held nonnuclear principles state that Japan will neither possess nor produce nuclear weapons, and will not allow their entry into Japanese territory.

The preamble also says that appropriate transfers of Japanese defense equipment will further actively contribute to maintaining international peace and security, underlining the need to review restrictions on arms exports.

The government plans to adopt the new guidelines, which are intended to replace Japan’s arms export restrictions, at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

  • koedo

    In a region that includes an aggressive China, a mentally ill North Korea and a belligerent Russia is being ‘pacifist’ a good idea? China and Russia are already positioning themselves to take disputed territories and the natural resources in the area.