LA to stamp out e-cigarette use in public places


Los Angeles is to ban e-cigarette use in public places where tobacco smoking is prohibited, including workplaces, restaurants and bars, following a vote Tuesday.

The LA City Council voted by 14-0 to outlaw their use in indoor workplaces, outdoor dining areas, parks, recreational areas, beaches, bars and nightclubs where lighting up is banned.

So called “vaping” lounges and stores will be exempted, in line with exceptions made for cigar and hookah lounges where tobacco smoking is allowed, as will using e-cigarettes for “theatrical purposes.”

The battery-powered devices, marketed as aids to quit smoking, allow users to inhale a nicotine-laced vapor, but experts say not enough is known about the effect of the chemicals involved, on smokers or those near them.

“Safer does not mean safe,” said the LA County’s public health director, Dr. Jonathan Fielding. “Although they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, some e-cigarettes contain some health risks.”

He added that e-cigarettes have grown into a “$1.5 billion industry that has caught the attention of big tobacco, which historically has had scant regard for public health.”

The LA vote follows a similar move last December in New York City, which agreed to extend its strict smoking ban to e-cigarettes, barring them from bars, restaurants, parks, beaches and other public places.

The industry has exploded in the U.S., doubling turnover in a year to $1 billion to $1.7 billion at the end of last year, according to financial group Wells Fargo. Sales grew ninefold between 2010 and 2012, studies suggest.

Regulation varies from state to state in the U.S., but they are often banned from sale to minors, and they are not allowed on planes or trains.

In Europe several countries — including Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia and Lithuania — e-cigarettes are banned wherever tobacco smoking is banned. Some countries, including Italy and France, outlaw sales to minors.

In Asia there is relatively little interest in countries where tobacco is cheap, including China, where the device was invented.