BTMU loses data on dormant deposit accounts


Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ said Monday it has lost internal data on some 22,000 bank accounts that have not had money deposited or withdrawn in 10 years.

The data include the depositors’ names, account numbers and balances.

Customers can still withdraw money from the accounts with bankbooks or certificates if identification documents are provided, the bank said.

Because some of the lost data had not been digitized, withdrawing money from the accounts could be a problem if depositors do not have bankbooks or other documents.

The bank typically keeps records of dormant accounts in print, but an internal investigation into data stretching back 25 years found that the information on some of the dormant accounts at 90 branches across the country had fallen by the wayside.

“The data are likely to have been destroyed by mistake internally along with other documents and books that have expired, but it is highly unlikely that they have been obtained by third parties,” the bank said. “We are deeply sorry and sincerely apologize.”

The government has been looking at the possibility of making better use of money in dormant accounts.

The incident may raise questions about how rigorously the account management systems of banks are being managed.