Electric car runs record-setting 1,300 km on one charge

Kyodo, JIJI

A Japanese team set a world record Friday for distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single battery charge, running 1,300 km on a course in Akita Prefecture.

The four-driver team included Kenjiro Shinozuka, 64, who in 1997 became the first Japanese driver to win the Dakar Rally.

The team said it plans to file a request with Guinness World Records for recognition of the feat, which eclipsed the previous mark of 1,003.2 km.

The drivers used a remodeled Every minivehicle from Suzuki Motor Corp., equipped with a lithium-ion battery, to navigate the 25-km-long course in the village of Ogata.

The four took turns at the wheel to drive the vehicle day and night at speeds of around 30 kph.

The team was scheduled to start the attempt Tuesday but was forced to postpone it for a day due to snowy weather.

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