U.K. lawmakers to grill Guardian boss


British lawmakers will grill the editor of The Guardian next month over the newspaper’s publication of intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden, it said Friday.

“Alan (Rusbridger) has been invited to give evidence to the home affairs select committee and looks forward to appearing next month,” a spokeswoman for the daily said.

The Guardian has been accused of endangering national security by publishing information about American and British spying programs leaked by Snowden, a former contractor with the U.S. National Security Agency.

However, the newspaper has strongly defended its actions, saying the publication has opened up a debate about secrecy, privacy and freedom of speech.

The revelations over the past five months have sparked embarrassment and outrage in Washington by laying bare the huge scale of U.S. spying, including on its allies. They have also shone light on the surveillance programs of Britain.