Amid food fraud scandal, Fauchon to tighten control


French luxury food-maker Fauchon will tighten quality control to prevent any further misrepresentations of its products sold at Japanese department stores under a licensing agreement, an official said.

The decision comes after black tiger shrimp terrine was found to be labeled as Japanese tiger prawn in traditional “osechi” New Year’s food sold under the Fauchon brand at Takashimaya Co. stores, the official said Friday.

Fauchon has expressed regret about the misrepresentation error that it said has betrayed the trust of consumers.

The company is keeping in contact with Takashimaya as it investigates the matter, the official added.

The official denied the possibility of Fauchon taking legal steps against Takashimaya, saying there are no reasons at present to justify such a move.

Fauchon continues to trust Takashimaya since they have been partners for over 40 years, the official said, indicating the food mislabeling scandal is unlikely to influence its contract with the department store chain.

Takashimaya joins a long list of domestic firms, mainly hotel and department store chains, that have recently admitted misrepresenting items on restaurant menus.