Cops think hanged man is a prank


Danish police on Wednesday apologized for refusing to believe a woman who found the body of a hanged man the night after Halloween.

Pernille Sundwall, 19, was on her way to a bar with her friends last Friday when she spotted the body outside the train station in Hilleroed, 30 km northwest of Copenhagen.

“Two-hundred meters in front of us, we saw a guy sitting with his back to us against a fence in a very strange position,” she said Wednesday. “We went up to him to ask if he was OK. When we stood right in front of him and looked him in the face, we noticed a string around his neck and realized he wasn’t alive and had hanged himself.”

She quickly called the police, who told her that what she was looking at was just a Halloween doll.

“I told him Halloween was the day before,” Sundwall said, but she was unable to convince the person on the other end of the line, who instead asked her to reach out and touch the body to confirm that it was just a doll.

“I told him I was approaching it and that I was standing close but that I didn’t dare touch it,” she said. “But he told me again that it was just a doll and that we could continue into town and enjoy ourselves.”

The three women eventually “tried to lift his arm and even touched his lips,” confirming what they already knew.

After repeated phone calls, two volunteers from an organization working against youth violence and anti-social behavior called the police twice before they finally came.