Philippine quake created extended rocky wall


A deadly earthquake that struck the Philippines on Oct. 15 created a spectacular rocky wall that stretches for kilometers through farmlands, astounded geologists said Thursday.

Dramatic pictures of the power of the 7.1-magnitude quake have emerged as the government works to mend the broken central island of Bohol, ground zero of the destruction.

A “ground rupture” pushed up a stretch of ground by up to 3 meters, creating a wall of rock above the epicenter, Maria Isabel Abigania, a geologist at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, said.

“Our people have walked 5 km so far and not found the end of this wall,” she said as experts from the institute surveyed the damage.

“So far we have not gotten any reports of people getting swallowed up in these cracks. The fault runs along a less-populated area.”

Renato Solidum, head of the institute, said the ground fissures from the quake, which killed 198 people on Bohol and two nearby islands, were among the largest recorded since the government agency began keeping quake records in 1987.