U.S. missed red flag on Snowden


While working for the CIA, Edward Snowden reportedly was suspected of trying to break into files he did not have access to. The New York Times, quoting two senior American officials, said Snowden’s supervisor wrote a derogatory report on him in 2009 as he was preparing to leave a CIA job in Geneva.

The supervisor’s note and the CIA’s suspicions do not appear to have been forwarded to the National Security Agency. They surfaced only after investigators started probing Snowden’s records once he began to spill the beans on the surveillance programs.

Snowden later became an NSA contractor. This summer he leaked thousands of classified documents on the NSA’s covert programs to spy on telephone calls and Internet traffic at home and abroad.

In the derogatory report on Snowden, the supervisor wrote that he had detected a distinct change in the computer technician’s behavior and work habits, the paper said.

  • JCDavis

    Missing a red flag on Snowden turned out to be a good thing, but one wonders how many other violations have been ignored by NSA and CIA, and how full of security holes those agencies are. Especially now that they’ve harvested the secrets of all Americans and made those available to other countries like Israel, and to internal spies, who, unlike Snowden, don’t have the interests of Americans at heart.