High radiation reported near tanks


Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Friday that high radiation levels have been detected near three water storage tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

The highest reading was 69.9 millisieverts per hour near one of the three tanks holding radioactive water to the west of the building housing reactor 1.

It is the same area where high radiation levels were detected in early September. The highest reading at that time was 2,200 millisieverts per hour.

No leak of radioactive water has been confirmed, and there has been no change in water levels in the three tanks, Tepco officials said.

The utility found the high doses during a routine inspection Thursday. The highest radiation levels near the other two tanks were 19.95 millisieverts and 39.95 millisieverts.

Radiation checks were conducted about 5 cm from the tanks near their base. One of the three was among the tanks around which high radiation levels were found in early September.

  • UncleB

    Sooner or later all will be dissolved, and sent to the ocean. As long as less alarming “spot Check readings do not reveal quantities, rates of flow, the world will never know the truth – the whole mess, will be dissolved and washed to sea! My Question: Will the damage done to fisheries cost more or less than the power created there?