Miki House opens Moscow boutique


The first Russian outlet of children’s clothing brand Miki House opened in Moscow on Thursday.

After Ukraine, Russia becomes the second member of the former Soviet Union to have a Miki House shop.

The Moscow outlet will mainly target wealthy people who have made a fortune from robust energy and financial businesses.

Miki Shoko Co., operator of Miki House outlets, hopes the new shop will help further strengthen the brand’s image overseas.

The shop, with a floor space of 250 sq. meters, is one of the largest Miki House outlets in Europe, according to the company. It will offer a range of warm clothing tailored for Russia’s cold weather.

Miki Shoko President Koichi Kimura said he hopes to see many shoppers visiting the outlet.

The company opened the first overseas outlet of Miki House in Paris in 1987 and now operates the brand in 11 countries abroad, including Russia. The 10 other foreign markets include the United States, France, Italy, China, South Korea and Singapore.

In April, a Miki House outlet opened in London’s upscale Harrods department store as the first Japanese apparel brand shop there.

Miki Shoko decided to launch the Moscow boutique after seeing many rich Russian tourists shop at Miki House outlets in the United States and Europe.