Doctor offers ‘bionic’ implants to eye-gouged boy


A 6-year-old Chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out by a woman believed to be his aunt may one day see again after a Hong Kong hospital offered him “electronic eyes.”

Hong Kong-based eye expert Dennis Lam said his team would provide the treatment for free to Guo Bin, who was found in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi last month after the horrific attack.

Lam said future technology could restore up to 40 percent of the boy’s lost vision. He said that he is still waiting for consent from the child’s parents to bring him to his eye hospital in Shenzhen, southern China, where he can be given a pair of false eyes as soon as next week.

A camera would process images and relay a signal to a grid of electrodes attached to the boy’s tongue eventually teaching the brain to “see” again.

The final goal is to give the boy bionic eyes linked directly to the brain which would help him partially regain his sight.