Meiji Yasuda seeks to hone global business experts


Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. will redouble efforts to develop personnel who can play leading roles in its international operations, sources said Monday.

Under a planned new training program, the Japanese insurer will send around two employees in their 40s per year to the United States for six months to study English and business skills.

The first employees to take part in the program, to be launched in October, will be deployed in company sections related to international operations or in overseas units next April.

The company’s existing study-abroad program is open only to relatively young employees.

Due to the shrinking domestic market, reflecting Japan’s aging society, Japanese insurers are expanding their businesses overseas, including in Southeast Asia.

Since 2010, Meiji Yasuda has begun operations in Indonesia, China and Poland.

Last month, the firm said it would invest about ¥70 billion in a major life insurance company in Thailand.