Singer Keiko Fuji takes fatal leap

Kyodo, JIJI

Singer Keiko Fuji, the mother of singer Hikaru Utada, on Thursday plunged from a Tokyo condominium building to her death in an apparent suicide, police said. She was 62.

Fuji was found lying on a street bleeding in front of the building in the Shinjuku district at around 7 a.m.

She was taken to a hospital in a state of cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead soon afterward.

Fuji is believed to have jumped from the 13th-floor balcony of the residence of a male acquaintance in his 30s. The man told police that he did not know Fuji had fallen from the building because he was sleeping, sources said.

The building, about 1 km northwest of JR Shinjuku Station, is in an area hosting a number of office buildings, high-rise condominium complexes and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office.

Fuji made her debut as a singer in 1969 and retired in 1979, moving to the United States. Since then, she has been little seen in public.

She married music producer Teruzane Utada in 1982 and gave birth to her daughter, Hikaru, in 1983.

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    I don’t know why they say it was suicide. How do they know the man who was there was sleeping? Are they just taking his word for it?