U.N. seeks $98 million for N. Korea


The United Nations is in urgent need of $98 million to finance emergency aid for the people of North Korea, the U.N. coordinator for the impoverished country said.

Of the $150 million required to maintain food, health and sanitation programs by five U.N. agencies in the country for 2013, $98 million is still needed, U.N. resident coordinator Ghulam Isaczai said Thursday.

“External assistance continues to play a vital role in safeguarding the lives of millions. Without sustained humanitarian support, the gains made in the past 10 years in improving food security and the overall health and nutrition of the most vulnerable (could be reversed),” he said.

Nearly 2.4 million North Koreans need regular food assistance.

  • Jesse Moon

    Personally I believe that they shouldn’t give North Korea a penny.

    The only thing that is gonna happen is that their brainwashed citizens are going to stay blinded into believing their leader is perfect (and continue believing preposterous propaganda)

    Once the hungry North Koreans realize the failure of their dictator leader, then it will become inevitable for their people to uprise and free themselves from their oppressive dictatorship rule (with help from U.N or the U.S)
    Of course there’s many flaws in my suggestion, but it is much more helpful to the North Korean’s overall life compared to temporarily relieving them of hungry.