Aso remark not meant to follow Nazi example, government says


The government adopted a statement Tuesday saying that a recent remark by Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso referring to the Nazis over constitutional amendments was not meant to suggest Japan should follow their example.

In a speech July 29, Aso, who is also the finance minister, said Japan could learn “the technique” of the Nazis, noting the German constitution was changed without the public being aware.

The government statement, which was approved by ministers, says “Aso made the reference as a bad example” and that “he did not mean to suggest that Japan should use the same technique.”

Aso’s remark was intended to “stress the importance of discussing constitutional amendments within a calm environment,” the statement says.

Aso referred to the bad example that the Weimar constitution became a dead letter under Nazi rule without sufficient argument and understanding among the general public, the statement says.

The statement was prepared as a response to questions submitted by Kiyomi Tsujimoto, a Lower House member of the Democratic Party of Japan, and Mizuho Fukushima, an Upper House member of the Social Democratic Party.

  • Well, in Japanese, this time goverment’s statement is nothing but “Hetanaiiwake”, that’s all.
    Anyone native Japanese already knew what he actually meant.

    • Toolonggone

      Quite. He’s the king fish of lame excuse.