ODA worker in Kenya shot to death


A Japanese worker engaged in an official development assistance project in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa has been shot dead during an armed robbery, sources including Japan’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

The victim, Satoru Ogawa, 51, was shot around 11 a.m. Monday local time and died from loss of blood. He was employed by a partner company of Toyo Construction Co. .

According to Toyo Construction, Ogawa was shot near the entrance to a local construction site after taking out money from a bank.

Toyo Construction won an ODA project financed by the Japanese government to build a second container terminal at Mombasa port.

Japan signed an accord on ODA with Kenya in November 2007.

  • Kim

    He had just withdrawn approximately 3.1 million yen in cash. What do you do with all that money in cash?