40% see summer bonus grow: survey


Nearly 40 percent of employees got a bigger summer bonus this year than in 2012, according to a survey by Nippon Life Insurance Co.

The increase for 39.6 percent of the respondents may indicate that “Abenomics,” the economic policy of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is having a positive impact on corporate performance.

Meanwhile, 48.8 percent said their bonus was the same as last summer, and 11.7 percent saw a decrease.

The average bonus size for all respondents came to ¥559,000, up ¥64,000 from last year.

The survey, conducted by the nation’s biggest life insurer, found that 63.6 percent think their bonus this winter will equal what they got this summer, while 21.8 percent anticipate a decline. Only 14.6 percent said they expect their winter bonus to increase.

The survey was conducted online between June 1 and 24, with responses coming from 10,386 people.