Chinese expert in Japan for expected birth of giant panda


An expert from China is in Japan to help Ueno Zoo prepare for the expected birth of a giant panda.

Despite signs that the birth in the Tokyo zoo is drawing near, the pregnancy of the 7-year-old Shin Shin still can’t be confirmed, the expert said. There is nothing to do but wait, he said.

The expert is from the China Wildlife Conservation Association, which jointly studies giant panda reproduction with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He has more than 10 years of experience in raising the animals.

The same expert came to the zoo when Shin Shin gave birth in July. The cub died six days later.

During the past week, Shin Shin’s behavior or appetite have not shown any major changes and she is in good health, zoo officials said.

Meanwhile, the level of progesterone, a hormone that usually decreases as delivery nears, was lower last Thursday compared with a week before, according to the officials.