Over 10,000 people have yet to apply for redress from Tepco


An estimated 11,000 of 160,000 residents in 13 coastal municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture have yet to file compensation claims over the nuclear crisis, it was learned Thursday.

Their right to request redress from Tokyo Electric Power Co. may expire as early as September 2014 as the three-year right to make a claim under the Civil Code will expire, sources said.

Tepco began accepting claims in September 2011.

The utility and municipalities that issued evacuation orders after the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant crisis started intend to urge those who have yet to make claims to apply soon, the sources said.

According to a tally by Tepco, 165,824 people in the 13 municipalities have applied for provisional compensation.

Of them, 11,214 people have yet to file full compensation applications. By municipality, the figure stands at 6,101 in Minamisoma, the most among the 13 municipalities, followed by 1,114 in Namie and 832 in Tomioka.

The Diet enacted a special law in May to allow people seeking out-of-court settlements with Tepco to file uits even after rights to compensation claims expire.

Given that most of the people in question have not made applications to the public body handling the out-of-court settlements, they are unlikely to be covered by the special law, the sources said.

New tank leaks


Tepco says it found radioactive water dripping from one of the newly installed steel above-ground tanks being used at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in place of leaky covered storage reservoirs.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday that only about 1 liter of water leaked and posed no serious impact on the environment. Tepco officials said the utility is investigating to determine the cause of the leak.

The tank is built of steel plates bolted together, and the leak came from a seam. Tightening the bolts failed to stop the leak.