Matt Smith quits BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’


The BBC is on the hunt for a new Time Lord after British actor Matt Smith announced Saturday that he is quitting as the star of cult sci-fi drama “Doctor Who.”

Smith, who has played the eccentric, time-traveling doctor since 2010, said he will bow out in a special Christmas episode of the 50-year-old show and a new star would take over at the helm of his spaceship, the Tardis.

“Doctor Who” is the world’s longest-running science fiction series, according to Guinness World Records, and has been sold by the BBC to more than 200 territories around the world.

Smith is the 11th and youngest actor to star in the show, which has seen the doctor battle enemies from the Daleks to the Cybermen since 1963. Like his predecessors, he was joined by a series of companions as he traveled to faraway worlds in the Tardis.

Smith recently made his directorial debut and has spoken of his ambitions for a filmmaking career.

  • Ferrah Jane

    Please God let them bring David Tennant back. I stopped watching when he left.