U.K. soldier killing ‘inspired jail attack’


Two guards have been injured in an attack at a British maximum security prison, officials said Tuesday, with media reports claiming the assailants were Muslim inmates inspired by the brutal murder of a soldier last week.

The prison officers’ union said one of the guards had been held hostage for nearly four hours at Full Sutton prison near York in northern England on Sunday, until riot officers managed to free him.

Officials did not confirm reports that the three attackers were Muslim prisoners inspired by the gruesome murder of a British soldier who was hacked to death on a busy London street by suspected Islamic extremists.

The Mirror newspaper reported that the male guard was kidnapped and beaten by three inmates after they became enraged by a call from the prison’s imam to pray for soldier Lee Rigby, who was murdered in broad daylight last Wednesday.

The Sun said the officer had been stabbed during the attack and that the second injured guard was a female officer who was hurt trying to prevent him from being dragged away.

Ten people have been arrested over Rigby’s murder.