Twice-widowed woman kills one in Dagestan


A suicide bomber identified as the widow of two Islamists blew herself up in Russia’s Dagestan on Saturday, killing one person and wounding over a dozen in the second attack to hit the volatile northern Caucasus region last week, officials said.

“In total, 14 people were hurt in the attack carried out by a female suicide bomber at the Dagestan capital of Makhachkala,” said Denis Strukov, a police spokesman. “One woman later died in hospital from her injuries.”

Earlier in the day, Dagestan’s Health Ministry had said that 18 people were wounded in the attack, which struck not far from the Interior Ministry building in the center of Makhachkala.

An unidentified woman came up to traffic policemen and detonated an explosive, according to the Moscow-based Investigative Committee.

“Two police who were closest to the suicide bomber are in an extremely serious condition,” the regional police said earlier in a statement. It is unclear if the woman who succumbed to her injuries was one of the two.

The force of the explosion was around 500 grams in TNT equivalent, the statement added.

Russia’s antiterrorism agency identified the suicide bomber as Madina Aliyeva, widow of two Islamists killed by Russian forces.

Aliyeva “was married twice, first to Ali Aliyev, killed in the summer of 2009, and later to Kurban Dzhapayev, killed in the summer of 2012,” said the agency in a statement.

Aliyeva, who died in the attack, had left her parents’ home without any explanation, and had been reported missing since May 13, a police source said.

State television broadcast a picture of a young woman, her head covered with a scarf, suggesting that she might have been behind the bombing.