Bulgaria vote yields no clear winner


The EU’s poorest country faced fresh political uncertainty Monday after inconclusive elections held three months after the biggest demonstrations in years forced the Bulgarian government to resign.

According to exit polls, the conservative Citizens for Bulgaria’s European Development party of former Prime Minister Boiko Borisov won the most votes, but with between 29.6 and 32 percent of the vote fell short of a majority.

In second place was the Bulgarian Socialist Party on 25.6 to 26.2 percent, followed by the Turkish minority grouping Movement for Rights and Freedoms on 9.9 to 13.4 percent and the ultranationalist Attack party on 7 to 8.5 percent.

It remained unclear if a fifth party would pass the 4 percent threshold needed to win seats. The first official results were not expected until late Monday morning and the allocation of seats not for several days. The results, if confirmed, mean that Borisov, 53, will be forced to form a coalition, but it is far from clear which parties might be persuaded to join.