Stalker held for trying to kill female coworker with poisoned shoes


A man who allegedly tried to kill a woman he was stalking by putting poison in her shoes has been arrested for attempted murder, police said.

The woman, a colleague in her 40s, did not die but did develop gangrene in part of her left foot and the tips of all five toes on that foot had to be amputated, they said.

Tatsujiro Fukasawa, 40, allegedly put hydrofluoric acid, a highly caustic chemical, in her shoes on Dec. 5 at their workplace in Shizuoka Prefecture, the police said.

Not knowing her shoes were poisoned, she went to a hospital after feeling pain in her feet. The hospital alerted the police.

Fukasawa is believed to have obtained the chemical, which is used in oil refining or to dissolve rock, at his workplace. He was in charge of storing the chemical.

Fukusawa, who denied the allegation, had asked the woman out but was turned down, investigative sources said.

The woman also felt pain in October when she wore her boots and went to a hospital, police sources said Friday. They are investigating whether Fukasawa was involved in that case as well.

Hydrofluoric acid can be absorbed through the skin into the blood and can lead to systemic failure.

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    I thought it was poisoned apple and glass slippers; or am I getting confused.