Dozens die in Iraq police HQ attack


A suicide car bombing followed by an assault by grenade-throwing gunmen on a police headquarters in a disputed city in northern Iraq killed at least 30 people Sunday.

The vehicle that was detonated in Kirkuk was painted to appear as though it was a police car, and the militants who sought to seize the compound were dressed as policemen, witnesses said.

The attack shattered a relative calm in Iraq, which has been grappling with a political crisis pitting Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki against his erstwhile government partners amid weeks of ongoing protests calling for him to resign.

No organization claimed responsibility for the attack, but Sunni militants — including al-Qaida’s front group in Iraq — frequently target security forces in a bid to destabilize the country and return it to the sectarian bloodshed that blighted it from 2005 to 2008.