Nissan to quadruple U.S. car charging stations


Nissan Motor Co. will more than quadruple the number of high-speed battery charging stations for electric vehicles in the United States in the next 1½ years.

The automaker said Thursday it plans to set up more than 500 new charging stations in the U.S., where the potential demand for electric vehicles is considered high, to boost sales of its Leaf car.

Nissan sold only 9,819 of the all-electric model in the U.S. last year, less than half the target.

The company currently operates about 160 charging stations around the U.S., compared with some 1,400 in Japan.

Underdevelopment of the charging station network may be a reason for the poor Leaf sales.

Nissan decided to accelerate its network expansion in order to promote Japanese recharging standards in the global standardization race. Foreign rivals, including General Motors Co., are set to launch electric vehicles with different standards.

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