Osaka police lieutenant gets prison for fabricating DUI


An Osaka police lieutenant was sentenced to 18 months in prison Wednesday for fabricating evidence of driving under the influence.

Prosecutors had demanded a 36-month term for Kiyoto Yamashita, 58, who was on the Osaka Prefectural Police force.

Yamashita made up a document that claimed 0.15 mg of alcohol per liter was detected on the breath of a male biker in the city of Sennan in September 2011, without conducting a breath test, the court said.

Presiding Judge Makoto Wada of the Osaka District Court rejected a not-guilty plea entered by Yamashita.

“The defendant, while in police service, trapped someone else into a criminal charge,” Wada said.

“The defendant undermined public trust in a police investigation and badly tainted criminal justice,” the judge said. “The defendant deserves strong blame, and no probation.”