Meals on wheels for working moms


Lawson Inc. and Yahoo Japan Corp. have gotten together to offer a prepared food delivery service to help working mothers cook quick meals.

The companies started the service, called “Smart Kitchen,” on Thursday to deliver prepared ingredients such as vegetables and meat. They said users will be able to cook meals in 10 minutes by following the recipes.

Lawson and Yahoo Japan hope the service, aimed at working women with children, will help attract new customers.

Kits for meals such as “subuta” sweet and sour pork with vegetables or “happosai” sauteed vegetables with seafood will be priced at ¥798 each.

Deliveries will be made once a week, with orders placed online by computer or smartphone.

Thursday’s launch involves trial kits, but the product lineup for deliveries will be expanded in February to 11,000 items, including raw ingredients and daily necessities, and to 23,000 in mid-March.